Breast feeding is the best feeding in the world

1.Breast feeding is nature’s best feeding for the baby which is hygienic, readily available with all the essential nutrients appropriate for the baby.

2 . Exclusive Breast feeding of the baby (not even a single drop of water should be given) for 6 months has long term impact on over all growth and development of the baby due to better immunity.

3.Colostrum,first one to two days of initial milk secretion of Breast fed babies is the first immunization for the baby.

4.Post natal Mothers(both normal and Caesarean) need adequate counselling both by treating Doctor, pediatrician and her care provider to boost her confidence for initiation and continuation of Breast feeding. An ignorant mother who is depressed about poor milk secretion will face total suppression of breast milk due to effect of stress causing drop in the level of hormones required for Breast milk production.

5.Mothers should be relaxed and comfortable while Breast feeding.

6.Milk secretion is maintained adequately when baby is Breast feeding frequently, usually once in every two hours since sucking by the baby stimulates breastmilk production and secretion. Especially at least one feed in the night.

7.All babies should be exclusively Breast fed except in any major illness for the mother or baby, any Breast problems, low birth weight Baby, any mouth ulcers in the baby etc …

8. Mother’s who Breast feed are protected from Breast cancer when compared to those who avoid breastfeeding.

9.Breast feeding mothers should eat normal diet with plenty of fuilds in the firm of milk, juice and water.

10.Breast milk is the best milk, which is cheap, easily available, hygienic and in appropriate quantities packed with essential nutrients for the baby.

11.Working mothers can express breast milk in clean containers which can be kept in room temperature for upto 4hrs and can feed this milk to baby hygienically with a spoon or palada.



Dr.Shashikala Gynecologist

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