Many of us we say I don’t want anyone, I can live alone, I don’t need anyone’s help and support but it’s not possible in all aspects of life Isn’t it?. Humans need others to survive. Sometimes we experience poverty, inadequate support, feel isolated, depression, introversion, and have poor skills, the problem is that its not by, our low income, class, or gender. The problem is that we don’t have contact with others. To lead a comfortable life we need a good community. So it should be built with care and concern for the good of the common.

What is community?Community is a group of people living in the same place and sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common.

How to make positive differences in the community:

1. Have a good relationship with the neighborhood.
Many of us we don’t know who is our neighbor? We think it will be a problem to be in touch with them, so we try to avoid them or we speak to them only if it is necessary. Remember theirs one saying, better a neighbor nearby than a relative far way so let’s live peacefully with our neighbor who lives trustfully near us.

2. Learn to give and receive.
Most of the times we give but we refuse to accept from others we don’t know how much we hurt them or disrespect them by doing so. It’s equally important to give and take.

3. Be a volunteer – Volunteering with a neighbor, to hospital or clinic, library, or going for a walk gives the volunteer a great sense of accomplishment, involvement, and fulfillment, and it supports the community in many wonderful ways. Consider what are the other ways we can offer as a volunteer: tutoring, mentoring, skills development and legal aid, etc are some of the other ways in which we can reach out to our community and become an integral part of it.

4. Give importance to others.
Yes, put others first, then rest assured.

5. Stop thinking and start doing.
By doing so many Opportunities will come on our way. Connectivity includes an awareness about others, Communities with higher levels of connectivity are better positioned for members to provide mutual value to each other and to yield more collaboration for a variety of different purposes.

6. Create and encourage shared experiences:

Shared experiences are the powerful way to build bonds between the different people. Often, the most challenging or difficult experiences to get through are the most powerful at binding people together.

7. Facilitate the building of trust:

It’s not enough for community members to know each other. We also have to trust each other. Without trust, the awareness of opportunities for collaboration and mutual support will never be acted upon.


♦we feel a sense of kinship.
♦It gives high levels of trust and psychological safety.
♦It provides a space to apply our talents and develop new ones.
♦It helps to feel valued and all our work has dignity.
♦Exchange of knowledge and skills that leads to personal and professional development,
♦It helps to develop friendships that add joy to life,
♦It helps to achieve more than anyone could achieve alone.

Strong communities are always evolving .We are social animals and our instinct is to find strength in numbers. We appreciate a small circle of people, but need larger circles as well. The part cannot be well unless the whole is well and We are craving community and cannot live our best lives without it. Our mental health and our physical health literally depend on being part of strong and capable communities. so It reminds yourself how much you matter, and take action to strengthen and sustain your community.


Ponnaiyin selvan

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