How to unlock your hidden potential

We live in a small world. We think of possibilities that are very common. We think around what we heard of and what we are exposed to. Normally, our brain picks up the best that we know. It does not pick up what is possible. Because there are many constraints to best possibilities. One common constraint is safety. Sometimes, being a risk taker unlocks your hidden potential.

We are limitless and many things are possible for us. The real problem is we ourselves limit our best possibility. It is important to review our choice in terms of utilizing our full potential. What is potential? When I think of the term “potential” I think it as the capacity to do things. Potential is the capacity to improve our current state to reach the limit of our ability. Potential refers to a currently unrealized ability. Reaching a new limit is always possible and it is a human nature to thrive for it. A new limit is possible through studying, training, and practice. Learn something new. Learning keeps your brain active. Brains are very adaptive. Brain cells and the connections between them are constantly changing. Learning helps in stimulating greater connectivity within the hippocampus. Be eager to learn something new.

Everything is changing. So as our state of mind. So as our brain cells. Neurons, the brain cells which are responsible for transmitting information throughout our bodies. Its state is also changing. In its life-death cycle they choose either to grow or die. Who tells them what to choose when. Our thinking decides that and then they make connections in real time to function. Take care of your thoughts. You are the one who limits your greatness.

Why are we not able to utilize the full potential?
Ignorance may be the cause. We are not aware of the facts of science or we ignore what is happening to us. Skills are needed for survival or living or for being a successful person. According to science, many skills need thinking skills. Everyone has the ability to think. To think intelligently and creatively. The brain is the source of many mental abilities such as memory, imagination, creativity, and innovation. It is so powerful. Many times we don’t rely on it. We completely forget this available source until we don’t have a way other than to use it. We also believe our brain declines with age but the fact is big “no”. We give importance to measured IQ. We fix things. We fix things throughout our lives. We think we cannot change our level of abilities and our behaviour. But the fact is that our thinking only limits the possibilities. A brain has 100 billions cells. Each connects two 2000 other brain cells. Each cell makes 100,000 billion connections. So, why we are suffering when we are powerful. Why is there a gap? I feel we always lack guidance in practicing our thinking skills. Be a guide to yourself. Take care of your thoughts.

Stay open to stimuli. For example, whenever you hear a sound think about it by asking questions. Simply, What is it? Why? Give opportunity for your brain to analyse deeper, create thought patterns and to question what it sees. Keep your brain environment healthy. Give stimulants to your brain.

Meditation helps to unfold the unlimited potential in you. Mediation helps to be true to yourself. We thrive to give life to our value. What you value arises from you. They exist innately. To unfold daily, practice daily.

Environmental stimulation is a kind of physical oscillation that we get from nature when we interact with them. Apart from exercise and diet, environmental and physical oscillation seems crucial. It is the third pillar of physical well-being. Stay stimulated. Get adequate sleep. Reduce your stress level. Stay fit.

Face your fears. Don’t be a stranger to your hidden potential. Be true to yourself. Speak truth. It gives you a lot of energy.

Supretha Sundaram

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