The humble little egg has lately been mired in a fierce debate regarding its very survival in the lexicon of healthy food! Talk about an existential crisis!!!

Much of the confusion stems from the fact that egg-yolk contains cholesterol, which is a dangerous impetus for heart disease in us humans.

So…the burning, or boiling question here is…

Are eggs bad for our heart???

Eggs are a complete food. Afterall, it has the blue-print to make a full chicken from a single cell!

This poor reputation that Mrs Egg has gained is just due to the so-called bad guy ‘cholesterol’ in the yolk, but then Mr Cholesterol too isn’t that simple a personality!!! 😉

To sum it up about Mr Cholesterol: the more you eat of him, the less our body produces!

Now, Mr Cholesterol plays a vital role in the development of some hormones like testosterone, estrogen, cortisol and even Vitamin D. He’s mainly produced by the liver and also the intestines. The liver works on mostly a need-to basis. As we eat cholesterol-rich food, our liver compensates by releasing less amount of Mr Cholesterol…

As it’s mainly saturated fats and trans-fats that contribute to our bad cholesterol levels, ultimately predisposing us to heart disease risk; eggs however, contain very low amounts of saturated fats, unlike many other foods.

Numerous studies are out now to point that eggs are actually beneficial to our heart and brain (protecting us against Alzheimer’s) and liver and eyes!!!

Now, that should be a harder ‘myth’ to disprove!!! 😊


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