Let’s just do the following as an evening-experiment: –

Take a group of kids, some sugar (candy and cool-drinks, to be exact) and put them in a room.

Watch them now bounce off the walls? Hmmm…This would be a parent’s nightmare, especially given the time of the day, which brings us to another health myth…

Does sugar actually make kids hyper-active???

The notion that sugar affects kids’ behaviour, stems from a famous diet in the 1970s called the Feingold Diet, in which allergist Benjamin Feingold, M.D., advocated a diet devoid of sugar, food colourings to calm children down.

However, a substantial amount of research henceforth have found that there’s no link whatsoever between the two...yet many parents just accept this sweet truth as a sweet-pill.

Some studies even say, that sugar may actually have a calming effect because it produces a chemical called serotonin, which contributes to a feeling of well-being. Now, that seems like a very good reason to give some sugar, doesn’t it parents??? 😊

Hyperactivity aside, there is another reason to be concerned with sugar. It’s more of the amount of sugar the kid intakes, as it would cause them to have little or no appetite for healthier foods.

So it would seem that teaching kids moderation and balance in sugared-foods, would be a fair strategy for parents to undertake and bust this sugar-hyperactivity myth for themselves.


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