Interactions of Dharma and Life

Ahimsa itself is a Dharma which stands for sacred law, one’s duty, justice, truths, and lastly it is a religious merit.
Our life is really wonderful event (the only one analogy in which man couldn’t repeat is the human embryo) and naturally with lot of mysterious.
Most of us don’t know the exact purpose of life, from where and why we have come and where we end up (except death!).
Generally, what we hear on this mysterious life is what others experienced.
But one thing we are sure, that we have to follow certain principles of life and adopt them in our life to reach our goals/aspirations which we will decide in advance. This thought only will drive us till to the destination.
But this is not what I want to communicate in this article. I like to connect the Dharma to one’s life.
One’s ultimate aim in his/her life must be to evolve our soul to reach perfection i.e, to evolve into divinity. It is established that the super natural power which someone called ‘God’ is acting throughout this universe and we are only atoms to act as directed in cosmic cycle. When we make research to know the scientific truth (Ask Question -> form a hypothesis Do experiments  concludes), we have to follow certain commandments to reach the religious truth (just merely trust/believe/faith for non-religious thoughts).
For that one must understand the meaning of Dharma irrespective of religious thoughts.
There are six characteristics /features of it:
1. Oneself charitable towards to the deserving poor. (like, food to the needy),
2. Focus mind set (no bleary thoughts, no flexible mind set here),
3. Doing service to the parents,
4. Being faithful towards to goodness,
5. Offering oblation towards to god/natural and lastly,
6. Feeding to animals.
To avoid miseries in life, one must follow above said Dharma (Pravrtti Dharma) and slowly when he/she ages old enough to get the thoughtful of getting ultimate bliss which is Nivrtti Dharma. Nvirtti Dharma is the only way to get rid of all miseries in life permanently. This should not be understood in abridged meaning rather to wider aspects.
When one gives away bondage to five elemental senses, there will be a better mind control acquired with no trouble. This would be evidently upholds the human from falling down below the status of humanity.
The principles of Dharma must carry the man nearer to cosmic energy and not so attached to the earth and sensational pleasures of which man is becoming a by-product as often. If we do not consider ourselves attached to the universe and cosmic energy, we are making farce thought to our human kind. So when we are in part of universe, and cosmic energy, obviously negative thoughts and negative energy will be getting rid of instinctively.
It is a war between good thought versus bad thought process in side our brain before to begin any work. Be thoughtful and take right decision without any self-biased nature. Hence the mind control is evidently required here to be on a good part and to raise good soul.
If a human is to evolve to suit the world unity, he/she has to follow certain Dharma – the way of life which upholds him/her and evolves to rise to humanity first and subsequently to divinity. Despite of different religious doctrines, one has to acknowledge that he/she is a particle of the whole universe and there is no scope for the selfish motive in life and in the path of evolution.
In order to achieve the ultimate purpose of life and to follow the true Dharma therefore one can consider four guidance’s as suggested by old Vedic literatures,
-Despite of different path and different doctrine, one doesn’t fall in to the divergent and rather human must not lose their individuality and submit or surrender or submerge to the universal cycle and becomes one of that.
– One must do their duty without fail and without expecting any benefits. You shall do your duty without any expectations and without an eye on the fruits to be achieved in the future. All the activities and happenings in the universe are ordained systematically actions and reactions and results are settled in the natural cycles. This cycle of nature cannot be changed. You are therefore only bound by the performance of duty, as result is bound to happen depending on the velocity of your duty.
– human must not to be perturbed by anxiety amid pains. He/she shall be indifferent amid pleasures and he/she shall be free from passions, fear, anger, and such a human is a real individual unit in this universal system. At least slowly when age advances we must try to follow this. At young age we need a passions, aspirations, and objective of achieving higher society status on a social pressure, but one must have this thought and this will be at increasing slope as age advances, as this directional accepted wisdom will surely make us free from sufferings.
– lastly, think beyond your level of thoughts. The human must feel that he/she is the particle of whole universe and work for the common good of this universe instead of falling in to more selfishness. Like similitude of clouds of particles circling around the nucleus (atom-neutron analogy).

These are the real doctrines of real Dharma which takes us to one society one world and one universe equal treatment and at last everywhere there will be an eternal peace.

-Dr. G. Narayanan, Berlin.

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