COVID-19: Mask and Umbrella will make better prevention

Slowly every country is planning to end the lockdowns or planning to slowly relax national lockdowns.
Some countries had made Mask as mandatory which is a good measure but accepted very late by many countries.

Why social distancing is important?
Social distancing is an essential way to slow down the spread of COVID-19 as all of know, but usually, we might forget it to maintain in our routine activists while walking in street and crossing the road, while entering into a subway, etc..
So we should make sure about social distancing, which will keep you and others safe. It will slow down or prevent the spread of the virus. Then wearing a cloth or normal Mask will not be useful when you don’t maintain a social distance.

So how to make sure Social distancing?
One of the easiest innovative solutions is that everyone holds an umbrella as compulsory while walking in streets and roads and maintain the same distancing in public transport too.
Umbrellas will ensure at least a minimum distance of 1 meter between two persons.
So it would be effective a combination of face mask and umbrella as compulsory while ending the lockdown period of COVID-19

Take-home Message
The weapon to Break the Chain of COVID-19 is Mask and Umbrella.
** Make Face Mask and Umbrella as Mandatory**.
Let’s Focus Health Team

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  1. So Face mask and umbrella is must !!!!!!!!!!

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