12 Things To Do During This Lockdown

1. Read Books

Let it be whatever you are, whichever stage you are in your career,
You might have unread books for a long time in your house or via online,
Make use of this time for reading books, which will help you to be wise in many ways because reading books will improve your memory and enhance your knowledge.
#Read and read

2. Become a social butterfly –over the phone
You were really meant to call them back like your friends, family, relatives, former colleague, but you forgot or you were busy, so this is the time, make use of it. just start with or ask how are you?
#Social butterfly

3. Focus on yourself

Some self-care, like how to look better? How to dress better? How is your Health? (During a television interview as a Physician, I quoted if just tell me your B.P and blood Glucose reading/numbers, I can tell your future! you don’t have to visit any palm reader(astrologer) it’s true, so it’s time to focus on yourself. Check your BMI?
Are you eating healthy food?

4. Take care of your loved ones

For sure we love our family members, husband/wife, brother, sister, children, and Grandparents but we didn’t have enough time to show them our love in our busy lives, so this is the time to spend with them.
#Loved ones

5. Exercise
Believe me, exercise will help in many ways.so just start it.



For this period, Start doing exercise at home.
#Focus of your BMI.

6. Quit a bad habit

A bad habit you have always wanted to get rid of, this is the right time to stop any bad habits like smoking and drinking, etc..
Since the last few days, you stopped it because of lockdown, when you could stop it for Corona sake for a few days and weeks then why can’t you stop it completely for your Family’s sake. This is time to think and rethink until you make a wise decision. Take help from family members or helpline to come out of your addiction.
# Quit addiction

7. Learn something new, learn cooking, learn music

Try to learn something new always, now you have plenty of time.
Learning new things will help your brain to do your daily work in a better way.

Cooking is an art and fun-
You might be missing some special food or wanted to eat something special, why don’t you try it, cooking is not rocket science or brain surgery, so just do it involve your family members and ask for tips from your friends and relatives or try it from online videos and you could also post your videos to motivate them.
Learning music is also possible in this three week time via online.
#Learn something new

8. Learn online new skill or Re-skill

We can learn many new things via online now, there are several free online courses now available by many Universities – worth spending your time in it.
There are several platforms that has high-quality videos on most of the topics.
#So let all of us skill-up during this lockdown.

9. Prepare better for the next crisis (both financial and health)

Think atleast now about the emergency fund ,good Health Insurance and/ or save money especially for Health and Emergency crisis also develop a habit of storing essentials.
#Emergency fund

10. Get organized /plan for your next move

Since the shortage of time during our busy schedule, we have a lot of pending works,
So try to organize it well now, write it down to do it in better now, Take phone consultation from experts for your next step into business or work or your problems.
#Plan and organize

11. Focus on your Garden,

It’s a good idea to grow a home garden. Doing this has many benefits
to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, lower cortisol, the stress hormone, lower BMI and increase overall life satisfaction and quality of life.

12. Try to help others, who are in Need

#love one another

Motivate others also to do these 12 things, Kindly share with others and make use of time.

Let’s focus Health Team

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