Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Bats Host More Than 60 Human-Infecting Viruses

Bats carry many numbers of  pathogen that infect humans, like Rabies, Nipah, Hendra, Ebola, Marburg, now COVID-19 and what next future outbreak from bats?

Bats are the only flying mammal.

Why Bats Carrying Deadly Pathogens but they don’t Get Sick?

The hypothesis by scientist and researchers are When they fly, bats increase their energy expenditure (metabolic rate) and body temperature that accompany flight activates the immune system, this could be a reason these viruses are harmless to bats, they could cause disease when they cross over to other animals, etc.

Public health concern

Though humans don’t often come into direct contact with bats, they can catch their viruses through contact with infected domesticated animals. But few eat them and trade them in the livestock market or invade their territory.

However, is there anything we can do to prevent future outbreaks of bat viruses?

We should focus on studying the interactions between bats, humans and domestic animals that could be helpful to prevent the future outbreak from bats.
Bats can’t be blamed for the outbreak, we humans invade their territory.

Two challenges now
Short term-
Its pandemic already, we should accept this, stay calm, we must do everything we can to break the chain and stay at home

Long term-
We must learn a lesson from this disaster and prevent future outbreaks.

Public Health Director

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  1. Nice blog ! May be we really learn something from bats to create a vaccine for COVID19

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