Your favorite Restaurant Menu Cards are 100 times dirtier than toilet covers

Most of us eat in restaurants either regularly or occasionally in celebrating family time, party or get together in our favorite restaurants and some time we get stomach infection and abdominal pain etc.. Which is simply due to the breeding ground of germs, bacteria and viruses in Menu card.

Most of the Menu Cards are 100 times dirty than a toilet seat cover!
Few separate studies done in restaurants in America, Spain and India, they found the menu cards carried most germs and bacteria such as Escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus.
The reason is Menu card pass through many hundreds hands throughout the day, leaves behinds some of the germs present on their hands. If the menu cards are not cleaned regularly with disinfect solution etc. the menu cards could become reservoir of bacteria which happens usually in most of our restaurants. Some of us will go to toilet in restaurants, touch the toilet door handle and then touch the menu card. Most contaminated part of menu card is bottom corner left and right side.
Can you imagine how many times our children’s pick from us and touch the menu cards to select the dishes.
Most of menu cards are made either of paper or plastic laminated.both S.aureus and E.coli can survice up to 90 days in plastic laminated surface than the paper. It survive around 7 days in paper.
This unclean beautiful/colorful looking menu cards leads to stomach infection, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting/nausea,head ache, Flu and Hepatitis A & E.
The people who suffer more are children’s under 5 years and people above 65 years.
Take Home message
1. Wash your hands properly after touching menu cards and before touching food.
2. Inform your restaurants about this and make sure disinfection of menu cards regularly.
3. Order first and then wash your hands.
4. Cook and Eat at home is the best way to stay Healthy.

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