Seed Balls/ Seed bombing (Green Movement)

Harvest Foundation had organized activities for making and distributing mud Seed balls
(Green Movement), which is focusing in increasing green cover across places.

What are seed balls?

Seed balls (Seed bombing, or in some cases aerial reforestation),
are called in different names in many places, in Tamil it is called as Vithai Panthu.
Seed balls are seeds, which are mixed with soil, clay, dung manure and then sun is an old and famous technique for reforestation.
Seed balls will start to grow when its gets enough water (rain), sunlight and its favorable climate.
On August 15th 2019 in Ponnai (Vellore district) around 300 children and few of their parents, 50 volunteers, well-wishers, students and some neighboring villagers joined hands to make around 15,000 seed balls. As the town is experiencing rain now, all hope that the seeds will take root and result in increased green cover.

The seed balls were distributed to all the participants of the event.
The event was not just to stop the idea with us but it’s to motivate others and neighborhood to do the Green Movement in their places.
Harvest Foundation
Mrs. Mariyal

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