Heart failure and salt

‘‘Without salt, food does not taste good. But too much salt is not good for health’’

High intake of sodium is not safe which leads to hypertension and Cardio vascular disease like heart failure and stroke.

The basic Pathophysiology behind this is

Salt/sodium makes your body to retain fluid. In heart failure patients intake of excessive salt will worsen the symptoms such as swelling (edema), shortness of breath etc.. Which force the heart to pump hard due to extra fluid. Eating salty foods make you feel thirsty and make you to drink more fluids. Hence, sodium intake is associated with fluid retention.

Usually high sodium diets are high in calories too. Therefore, it will affected your BMI and cholesterol level.

High sodium diet affect your kidney too.

Take home message

Reducing salt is good for your health, which will help in reducing hypertension, Cardio vascular diseases, symptoms of heart failure and kidney disease.

References: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamainternalmedicine/fullarticle/2712558

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