Prevention of Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is potentially life threatening condition but it can be easily preventable, than pathological stroke.

Heat stroke is caused by prolonged exposure to hot environment, when the body temperature exceeds more than 104°F and the symptoms include headache dizziness, no sweat, sunburn and breathing difficulty.

The following measures will help to prevent heat stroke

  • Drinking more fluids (>2-3 liters /day).
  • wear loose fitting lightweight clothes.
  • Avoid exposure to hot environment,especially during 11 am to 3 pm.
  • Never leave a person in a parked cars because the temperature can rise quickly.
  • Take precautions like using hat,umbrella and sunscreen lotions etc.

To summarize:

One of the most simplest and effective way of preventing heat stoke is drinking more fluids. Remaining cool and hydration is essential to prevent heat stroke.


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